Frequently Asked Questions

"How long is a photo session?"

Typically most sessions take about 60 minutes, unless requested otherwise.

"Do you provide outfits?"

Currently I do not provide clothing, outfit changes on site are permitted & encouraged.

"How many photos will I get?"

Usually clients will get somewhere between 15-20 photos depending on subject.

"Do you travel?"

Unless paid a deposit I do not drive more than an hour outside of Southeastern Connecticut.

"Are animals allowed?"

YES! I am animal friendly!

Clients wanting to add equine to their photos must provide horse and location, approved by the barns manager/owner.

"How do I receive the photos?"

After editing I will send all MARKED photos for social media purposes.

Then a copy of UNMARKED photos will be provided for printing.

Frequently Asked questions cont.

"Can I print the digital photos?"

Yes, I send you a set of un-watermarked photos for printing use.

"Is family involved in maternity session prices?"

Yes, all immediate family can attend sessions.

"Do I get to choose what photos I get?"

No, I send you a set amount of digital edited photos.

"What happens if bad weather delays our scheduled session?"

Rescheduling with me is worth it to get good photos with good lighting. Especially with outdoor photography.

"Is deposit required for special events?"

Yes. At least 50% deposit required.